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AR Plant Invaders

In a joyful plant world, a sinister twist brings danger. Use AR to burn oxygen-draining plants, securing survival.

A Millionaire’s Story

You run a start-up. Make sure your clients are satisfied. Make decisions. Discover the perfect strategies to build a million-dollar business.

Breakout Jumper - Brick Breaker

Game features low-gravity challenge. Hit ball to break bricks and ascend. Miss, fall, lose life.

Rocket Ride - Space Shooter

In Rocket Ride, you'll take on the challenge of saving the galaxy from asteroid invasion.


A game that helps individuals with ADHD develop organizational abilities by turning mundane activities into engaging game mechanics.

Start-to-end app development agency

This app development agency is fully dedicated. We offer comprehensive app design and development services to support every phase of your mobile project.

Key elements we will include are:

XR Digital Solutions

Let's analyze and optimize your business with tailored XR solutions, including interactive training and product visualizations.

Video Games

Let's collaborate to create entertaining AR/VR games that captivate your audience.


Let's create immersive metaverse experiences that redefine engagement.

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Ionuț Biriș

CEO & Co-founder

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Alex Șandor

CTO & Co-founder

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